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Illuminating Paths to Mental Health Transformation in Colorado

Welcome to Glow Up Counseling & Consulting, LLC, a beacon of mental health support and transformation located in Colorado. Our mission is to illuminate the path to well-being by offering a range of comprehensive mental health services. Founded by experienced therapist Sheila, who brings over a decade of expertise in the field, our private practice is dedicated to providing personalized and compassionate care to individuals seeking relief from anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, stress, and a myriad of mental health challenges.

Expert Mental Health Therapy Sessions

Sheila, the heart and soul of Glow Up, is a seasoned mental health professional who decided to embark on this journey to establish a telehealth-driven private practice. With a deep commitment to improving overall mental health, Sheila has crafted a therapeutic space where individuals can find solace, support, and guidance. Her extensive experience allows her to tailor treatment plans to the unique needs of each client, fostering a collaborative approach to healing.

Beyond Traditional Therapy

Our services extend beyond traditional therapy, encompassing free consultations, individual telehealth therapy sessions, group psychotherapy, community events, public speaking engagements, group facilitation, consultation services, and clinical supervision for aspiring professionals. We understand that mental health is a multifaceted journey, and our holistic approach is designed to address various aspects of well-being.

Transformation and Growth

At Glow Up Counseling & Consulting, LLC, we believe in the power of transformation and growth. Through telehealth, we bring our services directly to you, ensuring accessibility and convenience in your mental health journey. Join us as we navigate the path to well-being together, fostering a community where mental health is prioritized and individuals can thrive. Illuminate your journey with us, where healing begins and transformation unfolds.

Our Mission

Our mission is deeply rooted in a commitment to fostering mental health awareness and promoting an inclusive environment where individual treatment and services for those living with mental illness are normalized. We believe that education is a powerful tool for change, and we strive to empower communities through knowledge and understanding.

Our primary goal is to shed light on the importance of mental health by engaging in outreach and educational initiatives. By providing communities with valuable information, we aim to break down stigmas associated with mental health issues and cultivate a culture of empathy, acceptance, and support.

Central to our mission is the normalization of individual treatment and services for individuals grappling with mental illness. We recognize the unique challenges that come with mental health conditions, and our mission is to create a space where seeking help is not only accepted but encouraged.

We believe that everyone deserves access to compassionate and effective mental health care, and by normalizing these services, we hope to diminish barriers that may prevent individuals from seeking the help they need.

At Glow Up Counseling, we envision a future where mental health is prioritized and where communities are well-informed and supportive. Through our educational efforts, we aspire to contribute to a society where individuals living with mental illness are met with understanding and where seeking treatment is viewed as a positive and proactive step toward well-being. Join us in our mission to educate, normalize, and illuminate the path to mental health wellness.

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Our Services

Free Consultation

Embarking on a journey toward mental well-being begins with our complimentary 15-minute phone consultation.

Individual Counseling

Tailored to meet your distinct needs, these sessions commence with a comprehensive assessment of your goals and challenges.

Group Psychotherapy

Guided by skilled professionals, our group psychotherapy sessions foster a sense of community and mutual understanding


Our consultants work with different organizations, offering clinical services, group facilitation, and case work to ensure that individuals receive the care they deserve.


Our clinical supervision services cater to counselor candidates (LPCC) and addiction counselor candidates (ADDC), providing aspiring professionals with the guidance and support they need to excel in their careers.

Upcoming Events

Explore our community events and join us for an enriching experience.

BIPOC Mental Health Summit
Jul 2024

BIPOC Mental Health Summit


Find Hope & Inspiration

Published Book- Finding My Way Back Up

There have been situations in my life that I thought I would never recover from. Those situations showed me how some of the worst experiences ca bring forth the best blessings. At one point I thought I was facing a seemingly hopeless situation, so I began to lok at the women closest to me for inspiration. Here are their stories on how tin their lowest moements they found their way back up.

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Book Cover of Finding My Way Back Up by Sheila N. Hughes

Illuminate Your Well-Being

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